What’s included in the packages?

Standard 100-144 golfer tournament

  • Your choice of PVC or Stainless-Steel Cannons (see pricing chart)
  • Compressed Air
  • Operators – trained to manage the cannons and give instruction on safe usage of our Cannons
  • Anti-spin self correcting cannon specific golf balls (not meant for normal play)

What is the difference between PVC and Stainless Steel?

  • About 200 yards!
  • The PVC cannons are lighter and smaller – we recommend a distance of up to 300 yards
  • The Stainless Steel Cannons are bigger – great for 500 yards!
    • Yes, the SS Cannons can handle a par 5 and drop your tee shot on the green

Do they kick?  

The most asked question. No, the cannons are an air cannon, with no kick. Easy to handle – and women love them… Well, almost as much as the guys!

What are my Options?

Operators ( Trained Cannon Staff) Cannons Air Fill Tanks PVC Cannon (up to 300 yards) Stainless Steel (up to 500+ yards)
1 1 2 $2000 $2250
2 2 3 $2500 $3000
3 4 4 $3500 $4500

How long does it take on the tee box with the cannons?

  •  1 Cannon and Operator – 8 to 10 minutes per team
  • 2 Cannons and Operators – 5 to 7 minutes per team
  • 4 Cannons and 2 operators – 2 to 4 minutes per team

Our staff understand the game and our goal is to bring value to your event.  We work hard to help you keep your event on time! And our golf cannons speed up the pace of play!

What we require:

  • Golf cart that can be left with our team for the day. Our staff needs to make multiple trips to shuttle various items, testing and breakdown.
  • We do need access to the course to pre-test the cannons for range.
  • Garbage can for wipe disposal
  • Tent, table and 2 chairs